Protect the Western Arctic:

America’s largest piece of undisturbed public land.

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A Pristine Landscape:

America’s Western Arctic represents one of the most important fronts in the fight against climate change. Also known as the National Petroleum Reserve—Alaska, this 23-million-acre expansive wilderness is home to abundant wildlife and Indigenous communities who’ve thrived in the region for thousands of years. Representing 1% of the U.S. landmass - an area roughly the size of Virginia - this dynamic, undeveloped ecosystem supports diverse wildlife and subsistence resources for Native Alaskan communities.

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Willow would emit more climate pollution annually than more than 99.7% of all single point sources in the country. It’s estimated that the oil from Willow, when burned, would add more than 280 million metric tons of climate pollution to the atmosphere over the next 30 years — equivalent to the annual emissions from 76 coal-fired power plants. Willow is a climate disaster we just can’t afford.

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"Oil and gas development should not happen at the expense of our health and our survival. Our communities are not sacrifice zones." - Nuiqsut Mayor Rosemary Ahtuangaruak

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Giveaway to Big Oil

Any oil from Willow will do nothing to solve our current energy challenges because it won’t be available for years, but it will pad ConocoPhillips’ profits. The company is raking in record profits while families suffer, billions of dollars just so far in 2022 alone. Now is not the time for a massive giveaway to oil and gas executives.


Massive Impact:

Willow would mean the construction of 250 wells, 37 miles of roads, 386 miles of pipelines, airstrips, and a new central oil processing facility, industrializing an undeveloped area of the Western Arctic. It would also put many areas with special protections in danger.



President Biden,
Don’t Take Us Backwards:
President Biden just delivered the biggest climate victory in history. Now it’s time to move forward with a supercharged transition to clean energy. ConocoPhillips’ dirty and dangerous Willow project in America’s Arctic threatens to take us backwards.

President Biden: Say no to Willow and keep moving us forward.